Our Wines

Oveja Negra wines are prepared with grapes grown and harvested by hand in our San Rafael vineyard, which is located in the heart of the Maule Valley. The use of sustainable grape-production practices, together with up-to-date wine-making techniques, results in fruity wines with a unique hallmark. Given the wide range of categories available, these can be enjoyed on many different occasions.


These wines are Oveja Negra at its best. They mark a trend, a sense of origin and an identity of their own. They mark a trend in terms of innovation, combining less traditional grape varieties from the best lands of the Maule Valley.

Single Vineyard

These wines faithfully reflect the description of the fruit that comes from our San Rafael vineyard. They are typically wines of great complexity and elegance, revealing the unique nature of the vineyard from which their grapes were selected. The Single Vineyard concept refers to a specific location within the vineyard, which delivers special wines.

Reserva "Blend"

Every one of these blends represents the spirit of Oveja Negra: different, innovative wines characterised by their fruity flavour, freshness and mild tannins. They are aged for 6 months in French oak barrels, some new and some used.