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Our respect for the land and its fruits and for community have led us to make a commitment to the environment. We are conscious of the importance of promoting the benefits of sustainably producing high-quality grapes and wines.

We were the third winery in Chile to gain the wine industry’s sustainable code certification, which identifies three key areas: Vineyards, Winery and Community


We are an active part of wine culture and, consequently, our role as a vineyard is to disseminate the values of the winery, wine production and, particularly, moderate consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping with sustainability requirements, we make sure we:

Drinking and Driving

Iconos no beber alcohol

Alcohol consumption by pregnant women

Underage alcohol consumption


Contains the standards that guide the way we conduct our relations internally, as well as with our clients, suppliers, competitors and the general public. The term “ethics”, which comes from the Greek word “ethikos”, means “character”. This concept is closely linked to morality, and the notion of what is good, bad, permitted or desired.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to provide guidelines to ensure that all of our actions are framed within the ethical principles and values that guide our Winery’s activities.



The most important resource for the vineyard is our Human Capital, since thanks to all of them, we manage to have wines of the highest quality.

Without them, nothing would be possible in the entire value chain that Via Wines will naturally be able to deliver to the different markets in which we are present.


Brut - Blanc de Blancs

A dry, very refreshing Brut. This is a pale straw-coloured sparkling wine with golden hues. The delicious nose opens with notes of fresh fruit, apples, quince and dried flowers, followed by complex aromas of dried fruit, honey and vanilla. A beautiful even perlage of bubbles dances continuously upwards from the centre of the glass.